Intense fighting between troops government and rebels, trying to snatch the Government the city of Marib , in the north, has claimed the lives of at the least 96 people in the last two days in Yemen .
“The fighting that confronted both sides on various fronts in the Marib region on Wednesday and Thursday caused 36 deaths among forces loyal [to the Yemeni government] and 60 among the rebels ” Houthis , sources from the Arab country have told Afp.
The United States has condemned the attacks by the Houthis against their ally in the region, Saudi Arabia . The US has especially pointed to the latest perpetrated in the city of Jizan. Washington has also criticized that the rebels continue their offensive while “the international community is committed to ending the conflict .
The war in Yemen is now entering its seventh year and the US has indicated that the actions of the Houthis do nothing more than” perpetuate the conflict in the country “.
In addition, the State Department has called on the parties to establish a ceasefire of a “comprehensive national level” while encouraging the parties to ” participate in negotiations towards an inclusive political agreement under the auspices of the UN. ”
However, he notes that although the special envoy of Washington , Tim Lenderking , and special UN envoy , Martin Griffiths “work hand in hand to promote peace efforts led by the United Nations, the actions of the Houthis are prolonging the suffering of the peopleYemeni and jeopardizing these efforts at a time when there is a commitment from the international community to end the conflict now . ”
The future of war
“There is reason for hope, ” Griffiths said in a meeting before the UN Security Council . “The way to end the war is known and its main elements have been frequently discussed with the parties, all we need now is to show their agreement with the pact, ” he said. He has also insisted on the need to establish a national ceasefire.
The war in Yemen confronts the government led by Abdo Rabbu Mansur Hadi and supported by an international coalition led by Saudi Arabia, and the Houthis , backed by Iran. The rebels control the capital, Sana’a , and other areas in the north and west of the country.
The conflict has intensified on several fronts in recent months , despite international mediation efforts, in a war that has caused what is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world . “For many Yemenis, the conflict has changed the way they see their lives and their future,” said the UN envoy.