Taxis announce stoppage for next July 10

The taxi drivers claim that the national and municipal government have not controlled the presence of those transportation services that the union considers illegal. They argue that this affects their working conditions while allowing applications like Uber and Cabify to multiply.

“Here they make constant persecution to the taxi drivers, operatives in stockpiles, asking for a yellow card, review of tires and making comparisons, but the drivers of Uber do not make them; if anything, the neighborhood chiveros that function as collectives. There are so many of these platforms because the pandering has allowed it, “said Fredy Escudero, leader of the organization Taxistas Unidos.

In addition, Escudero explained that the quota of taxis in Medellin has not changed in recent years and remains at 19,000, while every day more and more private cars begin to offer passenger transport service.

The peak and plate is another reason that bothers taxi drivers, because they consider it unfair that private vehicles only have restrictions two days a week, at specific times (7 am to 8:30 am and 5:30 pm to 7 pm ), while they can not mobilize their vehicles for a whole day of the week.

Uber was the first transport application to arrive in the country and did it five years ago. During this period, the Government has not regulated this type of services and at least five applications are currently operating in Colombia.

The guild of taxi drivers of MedellĂ­n announced that next Wednesday, July 10 will carry out a strike and a mobilization of drivers in order to protest against the presence in the market of illegal applications that offer passenger transport.