Vatican to George Pell waits on appeals process after guilty verdict

The Pope Francisco has confirmed the ban, as a precautionary measure, the public exercise of priestly ministry and contact in any way and form, with minors to Cardinal George Pell convicted of sexual abuse, she reported the Vatican. George Pell, who on Tuesday morning still figured as “superminister of finance” in the Vatican’s organizational chart, served as treasurer of the Holy See and was a close advisor to the pope.

He has thus become the highest-ranking member of the Church condemned for sexual abuse. With the sentence on his case, it has been known that Pell’s victims were two thirteen-year-old children, one of whom fits into the legal typologies of rape since the priest came to penetrate his victim and sexual abuse, and the other in the sexual abuse.

“To guarantee the course of justice, the pope has confirmed the precautionary measures already made available to Cardinal Pell since he returned to Australia, that is, waiting for the facts to be definitively confirmed to Pell, the public exercise is forbidden in a prudent manner of the priestly ministry and as a rule the contact in any way and form with minors “, read the spokesman of the Vatican, Alessandro Gisotti.

The performance of the Vatican, at the end of the summit on sexual abuse in the heart of the Church, contrasts for its lukewarmness with respect to other cases, like that of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, whose withdrawal from the clerical state was explicitly “definitive and irrevocable”.

“In fact, Pell’s career has been frequently punctuated by many cases of pedophilia since the 1990s, during the exercise of the archbishoprics of Melbourne (1996-2001) and Sydney (2001-2014), a period in which they were reported several thousand cases of abuse in their dioceses that the cardinal always claimed to ignore.

By the time he acceded to the position of “superminister” of Finance in the Vatican, he had already been pointed out several times by the victims.