Crocodiles Take Over Australia Streets After Floods

Residents of the city of Townsville, in the northeastern tip of Australia and the most affected by heavy floods, reported the sighting of crocodiles through the streets of the city, according to local media. Emergency services spotted a three-meter crocodile on a road in the city on Sunday night, while local woman Erin Hahn posted a photo on the social networks of one of these reptiles in front of her father’s house.

Helen Murdoch also shared a photo of a crocodile climbing a tree to avoid being swept away by the flood caused by the floods, declared the weekend as catastrophic by the Australian Insurance Council.

In Townsville, about fifty homes were flooded on Sunday after the opening of the floodgates of the Ross River Dam, which ejected some 2,000 cubic meters of water per second.

Authorities believe that in the worst case scenario, some 20,000 homes could be affected by flooding in Townsville, the largest Sunshine Coast tourist area, which belongs to the state of Queensland.

The head of the Queensland Executive, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said the authorities are assessing the damage, adding that “in the next 48 hours there will be a great cleanup. ” More than a thousand people have been evacuated to the shelters of the city in the wake of the floods, while the emergency services came to the assistance since last night of about 200 people, according to data provided by Palaszczuk.

The torrential rains that have fallen since last week were not as intense as expected, although a rainstorm is expected during the day. Meteorologist Jonty Hall told local broadcaster ABC that the monsoon that brought the rains will move south into Queensland and probably “add Central Coast, Mackay, and Whitsundays to the equation.”

The floods have been caused by the heaviest rains recorded in decades in Townsville, wherein seven days more than one meter of water has fallen, the average amount falling in a year. The meteorology service forecasts that heavy rainfall will continue to be registered in the coming days.